Mobile Video Studio

More videos for less

  • It’s tough for organizations to keep up with increasing video requirements for their intranets, websites and social media presence. Add shrinking budgets and the cost of agencies to the mix and you’ve got yourself a bonafide mission impossible. When we saw how many of our clients were calling on us to create small, made-for-web videos we started thinking about how we could help them to lower their costs while increasing reactivity and retaining high quality results.
  • And that’s why developed the Mobile Studio offer: helping clients create their videos at minimum cost, with the support of a professional agency.
The Mobile Studio package includes everything you’ll need to start producing your very own web-ready videos:
  • The mobile studio (for purchase or rental)
    • Camera
    • Green screen
    • Teleprompter and ipad
    • Sound and lighting equipment
  • Training
    • How to use and store the studio equipment
    • Basics of film shooting
    • Editing your videos on a Mac or PC platform
  • Professional care
    • Onsite support
    • Post-production support
    • Full video production
  • Equipment maintenance
  • The mobile studio offer is highly adaptable and can be tailored to each client’s needs and budget. Today, a number of our clients are producing films using a mobile studio. They appreciate the flexibility it gives them to be reactive as well as the possibilities it has opened for them to create numerous films at lower cost.

    Contact us to find out more about the Mobile Studio and our Trial Offer offre d’essai.

Brand Content

Create a brand experience

  • Film is a terrific and versatile means for organizations to convey key messages about their brand. Studio Cigale delivers quality corporate and institutional movies that engage audiences around the values and identity of company brands.

  • We will accompany you in the selection of the best format for your Brand Content film. Fiction, animation, documentary… there are many creative and original options for effectively delivering your message.
  • A team will be carefully crafted from our extensive network of experts to ensure that all the needs of the project are met. Script writers, film directors, illustrators, 2D and 3D animators, investigative journalists and more can be brought in to ensure the quality and success of your film.
  • From start to finish, Studio Cigale will carry your project every step of the way.

Full Motion

Say it loud and clear

  • Using film to convey an important message, to explain a concept, or to educate on a subject can be great. However, clarity and simplicity are imperative for these videos to be successful and for the audience to walk away with exactly the message or knowledge you are communicating to them.
  • Studio Cigale’s Full Motion offer was built specifically for this type of need. Using a combination of animated photos, illustrations and fonts, we built films that are completely focused on message. The animated visuals serve to reinforce the messaging making it a clear and educational for viewers. A voiceover can also be added to highlight key concepts.
  • An added benefit of Full Motion is that it doesn’t require any film shoots, making it a simple and cost effective solution.