What we do

Studio Cigale is a small and agile video production and education company. Simply put, we are passionate about film and about helping others unlock its potential for their organizations. We are dedicated to helping companies create and use video content that will enable them to meet their communications objectives.

We are obsessed with delivering quality at the right price and it seems obvious to us that the client should be at the center of our working process and offers. That’s why we build our proposal, project team and budget to suit the requirements of every client and each of their films. That’s also why each of our service offers has been carefully crafted with the evolving needs of organizations in mind.

Studio Cigale drives value for clients by:

  • Enabling them to autonomously produce their own simple video content at minimum cost

  • Delivering top-notch videos that meet their more complex business and communications needs

Many have asked us whether teaching our clients to become mini-video producers is a mistake. Aren’t we showing them how to get rid of us forever? We say no. Giving clients what they want and need just makes sense to us. In this day and age companies need to constantly be posting fresh video content on their intranets, websites and social media pages. This is a new business need that required a well-thought out and economical solution: The Mobile Studio Offer.

Besides, helping clients to create their own simple videos allows us to focus on their more complex video needs. Through our Video Production services we fashion corporate and educational videos that integrate 3D animation, gorgeous graphics, effects and utilize range of professional filming techniques and equipment. There is no limit to the type of videos we can plan, shoot, edit and deliver to our clients.

The Team

We pride ourselves on being a small and reactive business. By keeping our core team light, and building a strong network of qualified freelancers, we can deliver highly professional services at competitive costs. The flexibility that our working model provides is very much appreciated by our clients. We put together the right team for each project based on client needs and the skills required for each film. Cultivating such a varied mix of passionate individuals makes for bubbling creativity and a dynamic professional working environment.


Studio CigaleStudio Cigale quickly understood our needs and was able to propose the right solutions for us. [...]
Furthermore, their willingness, reactivity and good value for money are great assets. - Veronique ERIAUD, Deputy Director of Internal and External Communications at SwissLife
Studio Cigale is a very professional and reactive team. Olivier Pascal is quick to understand the stakes of projects and knows how to use this information in his decision-making. [...]
The films he produced for us corresponded exactly to our expectations: the right tone and esthetics that were coherent with our messaging. - Pierre-Philippe LACROIX, Director of Communications for the Institut Curie
With this [Mobile Studio] solution, creating a film and sharing it on social networks can be done fast. [...]
It enabled us to increase our e-notoriety. - Sebastien D’ANJOU, Sales Manager for Parc de la Villette
Olivier was recommended to me by a professional contact when I was looking for a young and dynamic agency to produce a video on level crossing safety for the ILCAD 2012 campaign. Right away Olivier responded, proposed reasonable tariffs and put his creativity to work. The film is a success and my colleagues and partners who have received the video are thrilled. [...]
I highly recommend Olivier, both as a professional and as an individual. He has great interpersonal skills.” - Isabelle FONVERNE, Projects Officer at UIC
We had the opportunity to work with Studio Cigale on a brand film for our shopping center and the results were positive. [...]
Despite a very strict brief, The project was not simple but Studio Cigale worked within our parameters and used their expertise and know-how to produce a quality finished product that works. - Sébastien MERCIER SHOPPING CENTER DIRECTOR at UNIBAIL ARAMCO
The variety of projects that Studio Cigale can accomplish in video production, for example in relation to communications, human resources or marketing, demonstrates their extensive understanding of corporate issues. [...]
The quality of productions is delivered by a team of professionals that are experts both in video production and communications. - Jean- Pierre ALVES, CEO of Oxygroup


Studio Cigale isn’t afraid of commitment. On the contrary, we seek to build long-lasting and productive relationships with clients. Knowing our clients means that we can anticipate their needs and expectations. It also enables us to be ever more reactive than we already are (and that’s saying something).

Our clients include major corporations and important institutions in a broad range of industries .

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